December 29, 2006

Some Neighbours Came By Last Night

A number of our neighbours dropped by last night.

It started with our first sighting of a flying squirrel in several months.

Shortly after we had an opossum come by for the peanuts.

He was followed by our friend Pepi.

Not to be out done two of our deerest friends stopped over but decline to stay for photos, so I have used an older picture..

Have a Happy New Year.

December 19, 2006

A few of Rondeau's birds

Birds on Rondeau Bay

Over the summer we have had the opportunity to see a large variety of shore birds.

Common Yellow Throat

Great Blue Heron

I was able to photograph some and a few of those actually are viewable.

I’m identifying a few, for the rest, get out your field guide and have some fun.

Piping Plover

December 18, 2006

I hate window strikes.

It gives me a sickly feeling in the pit of my stomach.

We put a lot of effort into keeping our bird feeders clean and full. We place them to minimize birds flying onto the window but it still happens.

Sometimes the birds are only stunned and we protect them as well as we can.

This red breasted nuthatch hit the window and managed to fly about ten feet before settling on the grass.

We put him in a fly through feeder to keep him out of harms way and eventually he recovered and flew off.

December 11, 2006

Workin at the car wash blues.

What can I saw, I take my camera every where.

Wouldn’t you take photos in a car wash if you had a camera?

No? How sad.

December 05, 2006

Of trains and birds

Last Sunday, December 3rd we went for a drive looking for birds.

We passed through Port Stanley where a dedicated group keeps an old train running.

They provide rides to the public on the old line.

One of the cars is a snow plough unit that was used in heavy snow country. An engine would hook up behind the car and provide the muscle.

We ran into a friend who told us where there were large numbers of tundra swans and a flock of 100 sandhill cranes.

Photo by Anne McArthur

Most of the swans had left the field but the sandhills were still there.

All in all, a good day

November 29, 2006

A Warm November Day

We are having unusually warm, dry weather this week after 3 weeks of rain. I couldn’t bring myself to stay inside so I went for several walks.

There is a nature preserve called Clear Creek Forest about 20 miles from our house.

There were dandelions in bloom, butterflies and even a frog or two. The creek was running clear and the sky was a gentle blue.

A pure delight. The weather forecast is for freezing temperatures this weekend.

November 24, 2006

My Cat is Stranger Than Your Cat

Okay this is weird; I’ll give you that right up front.

We got Maggie from an animal shelter so we don’t know her background.

We have found out that, if you don’t latch the bathroom door securely, Maggie will come crashing in to visit.

She promptly climbs into your pants and makes herself comfortable.

Now I don’t normally take a camera into the bathroom, however, this is regular thing with Maggie so, now you know the story.

Sam, the black cat wants to know what Maggie is doing. Sam seemed quite upset over the blow to feline superiority.

November 20, 2006

Won’t you be my neighbour?

While out for a drive to see what birds were in the area we came across this yard.

I particularly like the busty female statue.

Statuesque don’t you think?

November 17, 2006

My cup runneth over

My cup runneth over
Originally uploaded by ricmcarthur.
The farmers are bringing in the harvest faster than it than the mill can accept it. They are piling it on the ground near the bins and processing it at night.
The weather has been terrible for the harvest this year, almost t continuous rain.

Sparrows etc don’t go near the pile. As soon as it is cleared the will go and root around in the gravel to find seeds.
Perhaps so much food overwhelms the birds to the point they don’t recognize it as a food source.

November 13, 2006

Pumping Iron

I spotted this at the Arnold Schwarzenegger farm implement dealer. In North Musclebound.

I just hope those bins don’t contain any banned substances.

November 09, 2006

How's it goin', eh?

A typical Canadian greeting, eh? Usually followed by, Yah wanna go to Timmies for a double double?
For non-Canadians, we don't do Starbucks we go to Tim Hortons, a coffee and donut chain, eh?

Sculpture in Windsor Ontario called The Encounter

November 07, 2006

Maps, they aren't just for

When we constructed the bunkie, I’ll explain that later, we just had the shell built and I did what I could to finish the inside.

After insulating I needed to drywall or paneling for the walls.

Being cheap I recycled some old 3 ft x 4ft masonite (composite board) panels. This was functional if not attractive.

We had a large pile of old National Geographic and calendars. Rather than purchase wallpaper Anne used the maps and photos from this source.

I think it turned out well.

The term Bunkie comes from cottage country. To make extra bedrooms many small garages were converted to bunk houses. To conserve air it was shortened to Bunkie.

November 06, 2006

Robin at the feeder

We put grapes in small mesh bags for orioles and redheaded woodpeckers.

What surprised us robins trying to get at the grapes.

I hadn’t seen a robin at a feeder before but this one kept trying.

I missed getting the summersaults and head stands he was performing.

November 03, 2006

Co Workers

Man, you wouldn't believe the bunch of witches I have to work with.

November 01, 2006

Our dog Sam, trick or treating

We decided to take our dog Sam trick or treating. She wanted to go as a black cat.

The racoons, opossums and coyotes that came calling were impressed with the realism of her outfit.

BTW we live WAY out in the country

October 30, 2006

All Hollows Eve.

Twas the night before Halloween, when all through the house
Every creature was stirring, especially the mouse.
The candy bars were hung by the door way with care,
In hopes that the goblins soon would be there.

The only trick or treaters we get are racoons and coyotes.

October 27, 2006

It actually has a red belly

It actually has a red belly
Originally uploaded by ricmcarthur.
Normally you don’t see the red belly on a red bellied woodpecker.
Anne took this through the living room window.
Got the belly lost the head.
I guess you can’t expect both.

October 26, 2006

No injuries

No injuries
Originally uploaded by ricmcarthur.
I wouldn't normally post a photo of this nature, however my wife Anne took this on the way into town.
What I found interesting is the mechanical nozzle at the top of the ladder. Much safer for the firemen.

October 25, 2006

I went to a Garden party

The contest was for the best Halloween costume at Pet Smart.

There were lots of dogs, a few cats, 2 ferrets and 1 rabbit and a partridge in a pear tree.

The spider dog won.

Spider Dog

Nose to nose

We witches are not amused

This is a party?


October 24, 2006

The Flying Beavers of Rondeau

Dateline Rondeau Provincial Park

It appears that a violent act of vandalism was caused by the famous Rondeau Flying Beavers, more widely know as Pileated Woodpeckers.

It is only circumstantial evidence, but based on the size of the woodchips, the damage done to the tree and the fact they nest nearby they are the most likely suspect and a warrant is expected to be issued shortly.

In other news……….

October 23, 2006

Don't squash the pumpkins.

I don't know why the are squashing the pumpkins. Perhaps they are making soup?

October 20, 2006

A view to the lake

We have a one story cottage and I was up on the ladder cleaning the eaves. Of course I had my camera, who wouldn't, and took this shot through the dunes to the lake. It is about 300 feet(100 meters). Part of the renaturalization garden can be seen near the bird bath.