September 27, 2006

A fall sunrise

The sun rises later this time of year so I have the opportunity to see and photograph more sun rises.

We face east, looking across Lake Erie, which is one of the Great Lakes in North America. With nothing but water for several hundred miles we get some spectacular sun rises.

One or our cats, Sam, was disappointed when she didn’t get to go to the beach while I took photos. She is an indoor cat who thinks she’s an outdoor cat.

September 26, 2006

To everything there is a season, and a time

Now it is time for fall colours, the honking of geese migrating, pumpkins, jumping into piles of leaves, the smell of wood smoke, a return to school, college football, crisp apples, country fairs and gatherings to give thanks for the harvest.

September 22, 2006

Lesser Yellow Leg

Lesser Yellow Leg
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A close up from the boat.
Duck hunting season opens this coming Saturday so we are limited as to when we can go into the marsh.

On Rondeau Bay

September 21, 2006

Come a little bit closer you are my kind of man

The way he was looking at me made me think of the song.
By the way, NEVER try to pick up a snapping turtle from the front. When they are on land they feel vulnerable and the will bite. Believe me it hurts.

If you need to move one off a road, approach from the rear and pick it up by its shell, never its tail, just behind the rear legs. You can support the turtle and not get bitten.
Be careful, they can turn around quickly.

I can't believe I ate the whole thing..

'Scuse me.

On Rondeau Bay.

September 20, 2006

Tagged monarch

Tagged monarch
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Monarch Fest at Rondeau Provincial Park
This is an event put on by the Friends of Rondeau. BBQ, craft sale, face painting and of course banding and releasing monarchs.
The kids, of all ages, seem to be fascinated.

Some of the monarchs banded on the weekend will make it to Mexico.

September 19, 2006

Now that's a lot of tomatoes

Now that's a lot of tomatoes
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This is just one of several dozen trailers of tomatoes that came from this one farm.
They are bound for Heinz and will become tomatoe sauce or ketchup.
Food fight anyone?

September 18, 2006

There I was minding my own business and wham......

...some idiot left this thing out in the yard, now look at me.

Bird banding this spring at Rondeau Provincial Park.
We were fortunate enough to have the nets set up in our yard

September 13, 2006

Feeling dumb, memory full, get a new brain from the brain tree.

Excellent gift for petty bureaucrats, park rangers and small minded people in general.

Also suitable for mother have lost their minds due to the antics of their children.

WARNING: May result in a more open minded view of the world.

photo by Anne McArthur

September 12, 2006


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This is a pen and ink scetch done by my mother.
The original document is not in perfect condition. The building is located in Woodstock Ontario.

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September 05, 2006


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Steve Irwin, the over the top Crocodile Hunter was killed over the weekend when he was struck it the heart by the barb of a sting ray.

A moment of inattention, or a moment bad luck, is all it takes for Nature to kill.

Lake Erie can be a wonderful place for water recreation or it can kill you in a heart beat.

September 01, 2006

When a Good Lake Goes Bad

Lake Erie is usually calm in front of our cottage, however, we have had an East wind for a week and the waves are pounding the shore.

The beach disappears under the waves at times and water is coming right up to the dune plants.

A wind boarder was having a blast racing up and down the lake front.