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Last weekend we took a day trip to Toronto, Ontario to experience a buskerfest.

We didn't have an opportunity to see all the acts but the ones we did catch were first class.

Several unicycle/acrobat/jugglers, yo-yo people, fire eaters, contortionists and much more.

One boothe was doing balloon creatures. $3-5 for smaller ones. I have no idea how much this dragon would cost.


We recently went to the Wins of Paradise, a butterfly conservancy near Guelph, Ontario and we had a great time.
Blue Morpho landed on Annes back.

There was a good variety, the butterflies were cooperative and the staff were knowledgeable and friendly.
Close up of an Owl butterfly.

I found this facility to be better than the one at Niagara Falls. It is privately run and it is obvious they try harder.

The chrysalis are easy to view and you can see the progress towards hatching out.

I don't normally promote any facility, other than Rondeau Provincial Park, but I am making an exception. It is worth the trip. Go enjoy yourself.

Take a camera!


We have at lest four, and probably many more, ruby throats that visit the feeders in our yard.

This one was doing its best come hither look.
Come with me to the casbah

Latter it like it had some bad nectar.

More Turtles

Eastern Soft Shell Hatchlings

I missed the mass release as they need to do it Friday.
Snapping Turtle Hatchling, can you see him?
I was able to go out with the researchers on Saturday when three dozen soft shells and snappers were releasedPass the bubble bath

Get Your Turtles Here!

One of the researchers at Rondeau Provincial Park is doing work on endangered and threatened turtle species and what intervention could be done to help them.

He transplanted about 600 turtle eggs of various species and kept them in a temperature controlled area.

last night a large portion of he eggs hatched including map, painted, snapper, blandings and soft shells.

The photos don't do the sight justice but the light was bad. Hopefully I can get some good photos when they are released into the wilds.

Butterflies and other visitors

We converted our front yard into a naturalized wild flower garden about 4 years ago.
Bergamont(bee balm) tick trefoil, woodland sunflower, black eyed suzannes, purple cone flower , big blue stem and Canadian rye grasses and more.
We have had a good selection of butterflies this summer, also one brown bat likes the bottom edge of the siding on an out building.

The wren

The nesting wren has been co-operative as long as I use the car as a blind.
I've heard the young begging for food as the parents come in with a nice juicy bug.

Hopefully I can get some shots of the young as the leave the confines of the macaw

Two heads are better than one.

Two heads are better than one.
Originally uploaded by ricmcarthur We knew there was a wren nest in the area of the car port but we weren't sure where.
We have a two macaw sculpture at the front of the yard and they are hollow.
After watching from the car I saw the wren going in and out of one of the macaws.
He/she posed so nicely I couldn't resist.