June 21, 2018

Life bird.

Pine grosbeak.
Life bird!
Seen at Berry Hill Trail at Gros Morne National Park on May 27, 2018.
Except for a stray we need to travel to see new birds but that's ok.
I took lots of photos but I like this one even though it doesn't show the entire bird.

A different look.

Pinicola enucleator
Not all Pine Grosbeaks are the same. Not only do they differ in the amount and intensity of red across their range, they are also different sizes. Body size and wing and tail length generally increase from Newfoundland westward to the Yukon Territory. But birds on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Island) in British Columbia, Canada, and in California are among the smallest of all Pine Grosbeaks. Wings and tails of birds on Haida Gwaii are around a half inch smaller than birds in Alaska.
source - https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Pine_Grosbeak/#

June 20, 2018

While travelling up the west coast of Newfoundland, near Cape Ray, in the fog, a regular occurrence, we saw spotted sandpipers on a rock out in a bay.

Actitis macularius
The male takes the primary role in parental care, incubating the eggs and taking care of the young. One female may lay eggs for up to four different males at a time.
source -https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Spotted_Sandpiper/.

June 19, 2018

Lobster Cove Head

Lobster Cove Head lighthouse in Gros Morne National Park near Rocky Harbour.
Seen from across the bay.

We went over to the light later in the day and saw minke whales in the bay.

June 18, 2018

Lincoln's Sparrow.

Not certain when I took this photo. It would be sometime in May 2018 at Rondeau Provincial Park.
Still going through 900GB of photos from our Newfoundland trip. Hopefully I'll be posting some of them soon.

Melospiza lincolnii
Sometimes, singing a beautiful song might not be enough to win over a female. In a laboratory study, female Lincoln's Sparrows were more attracted to males that sang during colder mornings more than those singing during warmer mornings. This may be because males singing in the cold showed off more than just their song; singing in the cold requires more energy and could mean that males singing in the cold would make better mates.
source - https://www.allaboutbirds.org/gui…/Lincolns_Sparrow/overview

June 17, 2018

On our trip back from the maritimes our GPS sent us through downtown Montreal with stop, stop and sort of go traffic.
Got through that then saw a traffic jam ahead of ud. Managed too get off at an exit which was right beside us.
Ended up at a small zoo, the 
 Ecomusem Zoo
The animals were all native to the area and were injured animals that could not be released  into the wild.
Don't know this barn owl's story but it looked like it was having a nap.

Tyto alba
Up to 46 different races of the Barn Owl have been described worldwide. The North American form is the largest, weighing more than twice as much as the smallest race from the Galapagos Islands.
source - https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Barn_Owl/