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We had an enjoyable time over in Scotland. The weather cooperated, more or less. Cool temps and a bit of rain.Driving on the “wrong side” was difficult. It isn’t just being on the opposite side, there are lots of other subtle things.When you look in the rear view mirror, you’re looking out the window. The mirror is to the left not right.Try parallel parking on the wrong side of the road.And then there are the speed limits. As a budget savings, I guess, they rarely post speed limits. You drive along and there is a sign SLOW DOWN NOW.It doesn’t say what you are to slow down too, or from what, just slow down.The road signs take a bit of getting used to as well..Remember muttering something like, that idiot wants his half in the middle of the roadAnd there are things like this.And one that seems to mean, No Inukshuk.

Unless otherwised marked, speed limits are 70 mph on 4 lane roads and they have signs warning of pedestrian crossing and also bus stops.