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Some Neighbours Came By Last Night

A number of our neighbours dropped by last night.It started with our first sighting of a flying squirrel in several months.Shortly after we had an opossum come by for the peanuts.He was followed by our friend Pepi.Not to be out done two of our deerest friends stopped over but decline to stay for photos, so I have used an older picture..Have a Happy New Year.

Christmas South of the Equator

For all those who live "down under" a samtsirhC yrreM

A few of Rondeau's birds

Birds on RondeauBay
Over the summer we have had the opportunity to see a large variety of shore birds.Common Yellow Throat

Great Blue Heron
I was able to photograph some and a few of those actually are viewable.I’m identifying a few, for the rest, get out your field guide and have some fun.Piping Plover

I hate window strikes.

It gives me a sickly feeling in the pit of my stomach. We put a lot of effort into keeping our bird feeders clean and full. We place them to minimize birds flying onto the window but it still happens.Sometimes the birds are only stunned and we protect them as well as we can. This red breasted nuthatch hit the window and managed to fly about ten feet before settling on the grass.We put him in a fly through feeder to keep him out of harms way and eventually he recovered and flew off.

Workin at the car wash blues.

What can I saw, I take my camera every where.Wouldn’t you take photos in a car wash if you had a camera? No? How sad.

Of trains and birds

Last Sunday, December 3rd we went for a drive looking for birds. We passed through Port Stanley where a dedicated group keeps an old train running.They provide rides to the public on the old line.One of the cars is a snow plough unit that was used in heavy snow country. An engine would hook up behind the car and provide the muscle.We ran into a friend who told us where there were large numbers of tundra swans and a flock of 100 sandhill cranes.Photo by Anne McArthurMost of the swans had left the field but the sandhills were still there.All in all, a good day