December 05, 2006

Of trains and birds

Last Sunday, December 3rd we went for a drive looking for birds.

We passed through Port Stanley where a dedicated group keeps an old train running.

They provide rides to the public on the old line.

One of the cars is a snow plough unit that was used in heavy snow country. An engine would hook up behind the car and provide the muscle.

We ran into a friend who told us where there were large numbers of tundra swans and a flock of 100 sandhill cranes.

Photo by Anne McArthur

Most of the swans had left the field but the sandhills were still there.

All in all, a good day


Mon@rch said...

Love all those Tundra Swans! Do they winter there?

Rondeau Ric said...

Not usually Tom. If it is mild and thre isn't too much snow they star. Most go down to the Chesapeake.

Susan Gets Native said...

Not a bad day at all.
I hope Liam gets some computer time wrestled away from Phoebe, so he can see those trains!

Rondeau Ric said...

I figured Liam might not get a chance so I sent him an email, via his Mom scribe, with several of the photos.