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Is it a water beetle?

Seen near DaytonOhio, You American folks have strange critters.

A few weeks ago we went to DaytonOhio to see a presentation by Bill Thompson III,,aka BT3 or BOTB, and his delightful wife, Julie Zickefoose at the Aullwood Audubon Centre. It was a great presentation and fun to visit with them again. We all grabbed take out from Skyline and it was the first time I had Cincinnati style chilli. Strange critters, GOOD chilli

If you have a chance to visit the Aullwood Centre , take it, you will enjoy it.

Winter isn’t over yet

I live in a cottage along Lake Erie’s shore, about 300 feet from the water. Nothing but dune grasses between us and the water, but I can’t see the waves on the shore line.

Where the yard ends.
On my way to work I pass a section where the water is visible from the road.

Some of my favourite sun rise shots are taken there.

This morning there was a strong east wind pushing onto the shore. It’s about 20 degrees colder than yesterday.

Any members of the Polar Beer Club want to go for a swim?


It looks like spring might actually be here.

As I left the house this morning, just as the sun was rising, I heard morning doves calling, cardinals chirping and song sparrows living up to their name.

Yesterday an Eastern (Rufus Sided) Towhee showed up, the first of the season.

While he wasn’t suggesting we drink our tea, he did spend most of the day feeding in the yard.
Back in February we went to London, Ontario to a Winter Festival.

They had an ice carving competition and these people had to be dedicated.

It was about 0 degrees (-26c) with a stiff breeze.

My personal favourite was the Popsicle Pig.

Signs, signs everywhere a sign

I've been bad about putting anything up recently, things have gotten busy at work.
Of course there is always Flickr to blame as well. I spend WAY to much time flick'ring.
Recently a friend, I do have one or two, sent me these and they are too good not to share.