September 30, 2010

Pig mobile

Pig mobile
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Every one is getting into the mobile phone business.
Actually this is a mobile pig farm we saw at the International Ploughung Match a few weeks ago. It showed live new born to marure pigs and explained the process.

September 23, 2010

No Garbage

No Garbage
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Sign on a dumpster. (waste bin, skip,tip) at the IOnternational Ploughing Match.
There were a lot of animals at the displays.

September 22, 2010


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We went to the International Ploughing Match near St. Thomas Ontario yesterday.
One of the attractions was the Hysdro One man lift. For $2 you could go on it, and they would lift you all the way up.
156 feet.
The view was awesome

My wife wanted confirmation my life insurance was paid up.

September 21, 2010

Cool, clear water

Cool, clear water
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It has been a very dry summer at Rondeau this year. It has been good for the campers and beach people, but a little hard on the forest and the wild life.

The visitors centre has a pond and recently installed a small waterfall. Birds and other wild life seem to appreciate the water source.

September 20, 2010

Ok, now what do I do?

Ok, now what do I do?
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The Monarch Migration Festival wa sheld at Rondeau Provincial Park on the weekend.
We had a craft show, bbq, guided walks and butterfly tagging.
This young lady didn't quite know what to do with the monarch after it was tagged.

The tags are small stick dots that are placed on the underside of a rear wing.
They weigh 1/40th of the weight of the wing - not the butterfly- it is attached to and does not affect their flying

September 17, 2010

A Peewee on the roof

A Peewee on the roof
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This bird is a name sayer. It's call sounds like - peeeee a weeeee or sometimes just a descending weeeee.
They are flycatchers and snatch insects out of the air.
He sat on the gutter long enough for me to go in and get my camera and come back.

September 15, 2010

Do you want onions with that?

Part of the fall crop of onions near Erieau,Ontario.
This is a "reclaimed" marsh. I have to shake my head every time I hear this.If we turned it back to a marsh it would be reclaimed marsh.
It wasn't dry land that flooded and was "reclaimed".

September 14, 2010

Now that's a tough economy

Things are tough every where .Even Santa has a second job.
Santa has had to take on a second job down on the farm in order to cover the feed bills for the reindeer.

September 13, 2010

Massed monarchs at Rondeau

The naturalist at Rondeau Provincial Park told me most of the monarchs have already gone through and this is the tail end.
One of these years I'll get it right.

September 10, 2010

The monarchs are gathering

They monarch butterflies are starting to gather for their migration to Mexico.
There were about 400 on a tree yesterday but I missed it. By the time I got to the area there were 25-50 flying around.
No concentrations to get a shot of the massed butterflies.
Maybe tomorrow.
These butterflies migrate from Ontario all the way to Mexico. How does such a fragile thing fly all that way?

September 06, 2010

My, what big fruit you have.

Two story high pears, one story high apples and peaches.That's a lot of fruit cocktail.

The town of Cromwell on New Zealands South Island has this unusual town sign.

September 02, 2010

Immature black crowned night heron

Caught a quick look at a first year black crowned night heron when we were out on the boat the other day.

September 01, 2010

Wilsons warbler

Wilsons warbler
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A fall wilsons warbler came to the waterfall at the the visitors centre.
The forest is very dry and there isn't much water unless the birds go to the lake where predators can see them.