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Winter greenery

With the continuing grey weather we made a trip to another greenhouse in the area. This one specializes in succulents. This one reminded me of a city skyline.Some of the colours are absolutely amazing. The reds and yellows are so vibrant.The creature from the black lagoon is taking over.Have you had your gull-parrot today?

Three Point Turtle Turn

Early last spring a large snapper was crossing the road in RondeauProvincialPark. As soon as he saw me he turned and went back into the slough.As I watched he did the equivalent of a three point turn.
Out of water they are very feisty.Little did he know that I wasn’t going to bother him.

A Green Fix

It has been grey, wet and windy and there is no break in sight. After a while it wears me down so I suggested to Anne that we go to Colasantis Greenhouses. They sell plants and cactus, garden art and they have a small zoo, and caged bird area. The ring tailed lemurs were a hoot. I had to shoot through Plexiglas and I had this one in focus. Just as I hit the shutter he pounced on the glass and stared at me. Got my attention and of course he was about 18 inches closer which messed up the focus. They had Asian pitcher plants and the pitcher was about 4 inches long. We got our green fix. We then wandered off to Jack Miners Bird Sanctuary. There are injured birds in the compound and wild ones come and go. The Mandran is probably an injured bird as they aren’t native. It was nice to see it with a wood duck to compare the colouring.

High Park, Toronto

We went to Toronto last weekend to do some bird watching. We were hoping to meet up with a Flickr contact but that didn’t work out.While wandering around High Park Anne spotted these cabbages. Normally they would have been done in November but with this weather they are still hanging in.