January 11, 2007

High Park, Toronto

We went to Toronto last weekend to do some bird watching. We were hoping to meet up with a Flickr contact but that didn’t work out.

While wandering around High Park Anne spotted these cabbages.

Normally they would have been done in November but with this weather they are still hanging in.


Lynne said...

Who would have thought a cabbage could be so pretty?

Susan Gets Native said...

I have seen those ornamental cabbages, but that leafy purple one just might have to come to my garden in the spring.

And where the HECK have you been?

Anonymous said...

Love those ornamental cabbages. I have some in my photo files. Nice to hear from you....

Rondeau Ric said...

Unfortunately, I have been extremeley busy at work susan. I'll try to do better :-)
Shila!! Thanks for the visit. Did jz pass my comment on about your New Years Eve photos?