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Not sure what it means

There is a great site out there called People from all over post photos, some great and others...well not so good.

I found this sign at the site. There wasn't an explination.
My best guess is "Don't feed the Animals".

If you know what it really means, please let me know.

Red breasted Nuthatch

Normal we see white breasted nuthatches but, once in a while a red will show up. They usually are tidy birds, feathers all in place.
This fellow was using the suet feeder and he was small enough to crawl part way in the hole to get the last bit at the bottom.
Only problem is he now has greasy suet on his head. Hard grooming ahead.


Any day that you can sit in you living room and watch bald eagles fly by can’t be all bad. Septic problems aside.We haven’t had any spectacular sunrises this week due to the overcast. Making up for that was seeing one or more bald eagles each day this week. NOW that’s a Christmas gift!Our regular selection of woodpeckers – downy, hairy and red bellied – have been here today, along with red and white breasted nuthatches. Blue jays, cardinals, junkos, fox sparrows one song sparrow and a lone Carolina wren have all visited this morning. On Christmas Day we had a Cooper’s Hawk buzzing the feeders, however, he had to do without a Christmas bird. He was back Boxing Day and did catch a meal. He took a house sparrow, which, I suppose we can spare.

The joys of living in the country

One of the great things about living in the country is not having to pay water or sewage bills.

The downside is when the well fails, or the septic stops working. No showers, no laundry and no toilet.

That's when you call in the "honey " wagon. Then you have a bill to pay.

The septic always goes when you have a lot of people around, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. City folk just don't seem to understand what happens when they flush thier toilets. Country folk unerstand just fine.

The thing about gifts.

Does it drive you crazy when you hear/see ads that offer a free gift.
Isn't a gift free by defenition.

A gift is not truly a gift if something is expected in return, unless, of course, the gift is peace.

Merry Christmas to anyone who stumbles over this blog.