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Visitors to the yard

With the very cold weather we have been having, plus the snow cover, the local deer are having a tought time.

We always put seeds out for the birds and now the deer come in each evening to check under the feeders.

We decided to put out cracked corn in small amounts, specifically for the deer.

Recently the have been coming in the afternoon which makes for better photos.

They come as close as 1 -2 feet from our living room window.

August to February

This is 50 feet from the lake shore and is a favourite spot to sit.

We were having a mild winter until February reared it's freezing head.

The Seedeaters

When I was down on the beach the other day, I noticed a small flock of birds flitting
through the beach grasses.
They were on the individual stalks which bent under their weight.
There seemed to be a good supply of seeds.
So much for the yard feeders

Running Coot

The weather has been, well, winter like.
Colder than we are used to but it is winter.
RondeauBay is frozen over and pack ice is pushing into shore on the lake. Over at the marina there are only a few open patches. Mergansers, bufflehead, goldeneye and other diving ducks are congregating in the open patches. There are a number of coots, which I didn’t expect. One ran over the ice to a second small opening, and then decided to make for the biggest patch. Making a break for it
A running coot on ice is a treat to see.Hot footing it

He's at the 30, the 25, the 20...
How to keep your balance
The wind is pushing him sideways