March 24, 2006

It's just inventory

It's just inventory
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Yes it's real, all 20s., $60,000 worth.
But folks it's just stock in trade to be accounted for at the end of the day.
It isn't real while it's inside the bank... like Monopoly money.

Once it's OUTSIDE, now that's another story.


March 23, 2006

The creature in the window

The creature in the window
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Maggie the Warbling Cat asked Top Knot to keep an eye out for "hootie" owls. Maggies Flickr friend Bessie Bulldog is afraid of "hooties".
All clear this morning Bessie.

Two poems by Hunter Fox age 7

Snow gently
falling to the ground.
Gliding, sliding on the ice.
A toboggan gracefully speeding
down the hill. the deadly weapon icicle
hanging off the garage. snow shoes crunching
in the snow. snow forts that protect me from snowballs
in a snowball fight. A big fat snowman in the snow a carrot nose
and coal for eyes.
well that is what is fun about winter.

swimming splashing in the pool.
we are warriors we have fun we like to fight with a water gun.
uh oh now we ran out of water we have to go back to the water
tower. we wear shorts and t-shirts so we can feel the warm air .
dad read this it is my latest poem!

March 21, 2006

A poem by Hunter Fox age 7

In autumn we have beautiful red and orange leaves
that gracefully float down off the tree.
A bird gliding though the sky then takes
a soft landing on the bird feeder for some
food. A weasel sneaking through the snow
on a cold winter day hunting for food.
A caterpillar sneaking through the grass
so the birds will not find him.
A deer trotting through the forest
and playing with his friends.
A pine tree with sharp
pointy needles.
well that’s nature for you!!!

Maggie the warbling cat checks for hooty owls.

Recently I took Warbling Maggie for a walk and she was on the look out for "hooty" owls for her Flickr friend Bessie Bulldog. It's okay Bessie Maggie thinks all the "hooty" owls are here in the forest.

Maggie has an odd warbling meow that she uses to beg for food/attention. Food is the more important for Maggie.

March 20, 2006

OOh I want to play with it

OOh I want to play with it
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Maggie, the Warbling Cat, Likes watching TV. She prefers nature shows, bird ones are particularly good.
She seems to have a special attachment to The Nature Nut with John Acorn.

March 16, 2006

Me and my shadow

Me and my shadow
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A sunny morning and Sam sits in her favorite place. The middle of the doorway.
I like the way her shadow looks like a long eared owl.

March 14, 2006

The look out

The look out
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Tommy “Cheeks” Munk is the look out and seems ready to bolt into their hidey-hole.

Not as clear as I would like but it was taken throuth two layers of glass.

Jeepers creepers where did you get those peppers

A sure sign of spring. The leopard frogs were out and about on Sunday.

March 10, 2006

Oppy "Pink Foot" Floyd

Oppy "Pink Foot" Floyd
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Another friend/accomplice of "Stubby" Munk, was spotted casing the front niger seed feeder. Authorities are anticipating a major raid after dark.

The white tail gang

The white tail gang
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This was a quick shot out the car window early in the morning. There were about 12-14 deer that ran across the road and paused in the dunes.

They are suspected accomplices of “Stubby” Munk. The have been seen in the vicinity of the feeders acting in a suspicious manner.

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Sam "The Tail" Mcgillicatty

Sam "The Tail" Mcgillicatty
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Believed to part of Chip "Stubby" Munks gang. Reportedly seen gaurding seed caches in the wildflower garden.

Chip "Stubby" Munk

Chip "Stubby" Munk
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When last seen Stubby had been caught red handed with the loot from the Great Niger Seed Heist. Stubby is wanted for questioning in a robbery the press has dubbed “Raiders of the Lost Feeder”. Apparently video surveillance shows Stubby packing in the loot.

There is also circumstantial evidence that Bonaparte “Feathers” Gull was an accomplice in the caper.


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Believed to be trace evidence of “Feathers” Gulls involvement in the Raiders of The Lost Feeder caper.

that's where the niger seed goes

The niger seed we put on the ground for juncos and other ground feeders has been disappearinga at a prodigious rate.
This chubby cheeked fellow, Chip "Stubby" Munk, explains a lot.

Alright, where did they go?

Alright, where did they go?
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There are two sets of chipmunk tracks. One from the bottom, one from the top. They meet in the middle, but there are no tracks leaving.

March 03, 2006

Ice Birds

The sun was rising, in the distance I could just make out birds that appeared to be standing on the water. It was a lite sheen of ice. They are gulls and I won't guess at the type.
Regulars in the area are great black backed, herring and ring bill.

March 02, 2006

OK! Who Stole My Dentures?

This was just too funny, in my opinion, not to share.

The photographer said "This has got to be the silliest face I have ever seen on a lab. He looks like he lost his mind, but he's really happy and having a great time."