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Over the hill

The people I work with surprised me this morning.
My office was filled with baloons and there was coffee and cake waiting.


I have been remise in putting anything on the blog and for those of you who actually visit, I apologize, Recently the woodcock have been around and occasionally I see them on or near the road.Here are a few shots. I love how the can disappear into the leaf litter.You will have to look closely

Feeding the Deer

I wouldn't say they were hungry or anything like that, but they do come running when I put out the sliced corn.

We have four regulars, Notch, Notches Young One, Non Notch and Non Notches Baby.

This is Notches Young One, the bravest of the bunch. They come and wait for me to put feed out.
They will move off a small distance and watch me. Nothches Young one will come in and start to eat before I get back inside.

Photo by Anne throught the Wildlife Window.

BTW this is my favourite goofy look for photos. Some people close thier eyes. I just look goofy.