January 15, 2007

A Green Fix

It has been grey, wet and windy and there is no break in sight.

After a while it wears me down so I suggested to Anne that we go to Colasantis Greenhouses. They sell plants and cactus, garden art and they have a small zoo, and caged bird area.

The ring tailed lemurs were a hoot.

I had to shoot through Plexiglas and I had this one in focus. Just as I hit the shutter he pounced on the glass and stared at me. Got my attention and of course he was about 18 inches closer which messed up the focus.

They had Asian pitcher plants and the pitcher was about 4 inches long.

We got our green fix.

We then wandered off to Jack Miners Bird Sanctuary. There are injured birds in the compound and wild ones come and go.

The Mandran is probably an injured bird as they aren’t native.

It was nice to see it with a wood duck to compare the colouring.


Anonymous said...

I frequently visit my favorite local greenhouse just for the fresh, earthy smell of spring this time of year! Christmas trip to Minneapolis took us to the Como Park Conservatory...1906 vintage glasshouse...just heavenly! South Dakota winters can wear you down, too.
Caroline in the Black Hills

Rondeau Ric said...

A vintage greenhouse would be even better.
These started out as commercial units so it is very plain.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick, There is actual sunshine today for the first time in a very long stretch. Maybe you will get lucky too! Love to you and the lovely Miss Ann

Anonymous said...

I mean.... Anne.

I love lemurs. That one must have surprised you.

Yes, by the way, JZ did pass the comments on. I thought I had replied to you about that, but perhaps only in my mind.

Thanks for the compiments.

Rondeau Ric said...

Shila, we had a bit of sunshine just before sunset last night.
So far today it is nice and bright.
Anne soesn't get excited about the "e"

The lemur who jumped top the window did get my attention.

Good to hear from you.


mon@rch said...

How cute are those lemur! This is such a wonderful post my friend!

Rondeau Ric said...

Thanks Tom, I appreciate the visit and comment.

Susan Gets Native said...

That lemur shot could be a birthday card:
"You're HOW OLD???"