March 28, 2007

Is it a water beetle?

Seen near Dayton Ohio, You American folks have strange critters.

A few weeks ago we went to Dayton Ohio to see a presentation by Bill Thompson III,,aka BT3 or BOTB, and his delightful wife, Julie Zickefoose at the Aullwood Audubon Centre.

It was a great presentation and fun to visit with them again.

We all grabbed take out from Skyline and it was the first time I had Cincinnati style chilli. Strange critters, GOOD chilli

If you have a chance to visit the Aullwood Centre , take it, you will enjoy it.


mon@rch said...

I have been to Dayton a few times! Isn't there a airplane museum out there? Love the pictures and hope you had a good time.

Susan Gets Native said...

Mon@rch: There's an Air Force museum and working air field. Wright-Patterson Air Field to be exact.
The Mecca for every school's field trip around these parts.
Next time, Ric, you are in those parts, come see us. We are only about an hour southeast of Aullwood.

Rondeau Ric said...

Had a very good time Tom.

I'll keep that in mind Susan. Didn't you comment on JZs that you might be there?

Susan Gets Native said...

Too busy. I am a popular girl nowadays.