December 19, 2006

A few of Rondeau's birds

Birds on Rondeau Bay

Over the summer we have had the opportunity to see a large variety of shore birds.

Common Yellow Throat

Great Blue Heron

I was able to photograph some and a few of those actually are viewable.

I’m identifying a few, for the rest, get out your field guide and have some fun.

Piping Plover


KViz said...

oooo...I love a bird quiz! I think it's the best way to improve ID skills. And I can use all the improving I can get.

I'll take a shot...first photo is a black-bellied plover in non-breeding plumage. Last photo is a least sandpiper?

mon@rch said...

Hey, I will guess on the Common Yellowthroat and Great Blue Heron! LOL Shorebirds, ugg!

Lynne said...

Shorebirds- ugh...

can't do 'em.

janet said...

Oooh shorebirds...
First photo. two semipalmated sandpipers

Plover: Could that be a semipalmated plover? They have a black patch around the eye like that but piping plovers don't. The head stripe on the piping plover goes from the top of the eye to the top of the other eye.

Bottom: The thin bills and the yellowish legs make me think least sandpiper.

Rondeau Ric said...

I knew if I left the comments alone someone would get them.
Yes Janet it is a semi