August 21, 2007


We recently went to the Wins of Paradise, a butterfly conservancy near Guelph, Ontario and we had a great time.
Blue Morpho landed on Annes back.

There was a good variety, the butterflies were cooperative and the staff were knowledgeable and friendly.
Close up of an Owl butterfly.

I found this facility to be better than the one at Niagara Falls. It is privately run and it is obvious they try harder.

The chrysalis are easy to view and you can see the progress towards hatching out.

I don't normally promote any facility, other than Rondeau Provincial Park, but I am making an exception. It is worth the trip. Go enjoy yourself.

Take a camera!

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mon@rch said...

Such an amazing series of butterfly shots that you were able to capture! I love the Chrysalis picture best! This conservancy sounds like a very cool place!