November 09, 2006

How's it goin', eh?

A typical Canadian greeting, eh? Usually followed by, Yah wanna go to Timmies for a double double?
For non-Canadians, we don't do Starbucks we go to Tim Hortons, a coffee and donut chain, eh?

Sculpture in Windsor Ontario called The Encounter


Lynne said...

Yah, so what's a double double, eh?

So like, I'm thinking the statue is of the McKenzie brothers in suits. Must be a coupla cold Molson's in the brief case!

Susan Gets Native said...

"Take off, you hoser!"

"Dad, Bob broke your beer."
Oh I loves me some Strange Brew!

And I love Windsor, too. We took a trip to Michigan and Ontario for a writing assignment Geoff had. I wasn't a birder yet, which bums me out that I didn't pay alot of attention to the birds there.
I can say that I have had coffee at Tim Horton's.
And good grief, you Canadians! Do you need a Tim Horton's at every intersection?
*but come to think of it, we are the same way with Starbucks.

Rondeau Ric said...

Two cream two sugar.
McKenzie brothres eh? I'm impressed.

Yous nose bout da Strange Brew?
not bad eh?
Who you callin a hoser, you hoser. lol
I'm REALLY impressed.

beth said...

Hosers, indeed. We're showing our age...

This is hysterical. I think I'll make Windsor my next vacation destination, just to see these guys...

Rondeau Ric said...

you're 250 years old? wow, you don't type like a 250 year old. lol
Just viewed your profile.