July 09, 2017

Who's a pretty boy?

Not me but that's okay.
Had two surgeons do a 7 hour open heart surgery on Tues July 4, now I'm back home.
Won't be doing much on flickr but don't forget about me , new photos coming.


Irene said...

Oh Wow Ric !!!!!!!!!!
Good to hear that you are back home !
Take care now--and rest up for Fall Migration.

Dorothy said...

Hello there Ric--- Good for you it is over--you take it easy now and you will be peppy in no time. Do not give your wife a hard time and things will be fine--Ha Ha. Was nice to see you in May. Dianne and Joanne send along their Good Wishes as well--Keep watching your Feathered Friends and we will see your posts. Thanks for those--All the Best to you and Anne--- Dorothy[Smith girls]

Anonymous said...

Hope to see you doing your rounds of Rondeau soon--get well Ric !!