July 24, 2017

Spring peeper.

Anne spotted this tiny spring peeper on a wire fence in the front yard.
Tiny thing, maybe 1"(2.4cm) in length.
It moved around from plant to plant.

Pseudacris crucifer
The tiny spring peeper is tan or light brown in colour with a darker X-shaped marking on the back. The largest peeper on record was a mere 3.7 centimetres long. The breeding call of this species is a single, loud, high-pitched peep repeated over and over. A full chorus can be deafening up close and can be heard over a kilometre away. In large choruses, peepers will also trill, advising other males to keep their distance.
source- https://www.ontarionature.org/protect/species/reptiles_and_amphibians/spring_peeper.php

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