September 04, 2014

The journey of 1000 miles...

...starts with 100 steps. Or there abouts. A single step seems too restrictive for this fellow.
I don't know why this caterpillar decided to cross the water lettuce to get to the other side of the pond but it was chugging right along.Up one leaf, down the next, repeat.
I have to assume that frogs don't eat caterpillars as they didn't bother him.

I don't know the type of caterpillar so I can't give you any scientific stuff.


Irene W. said...

Hi Rick--this may be a repeat--
having trouble with your Comment
Your caterpillar may be a Hickory
Tussock Moth--8 black tufts on
back. Check it out.


Rondeau Ric said...

Thanks Irene, with that to get me started I looked it up and I agree that is what it is.