September 03, 2014

Everybody out of the water!

duunnn dunnn... duuuunnnn duun... duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun (music for Jaws)

We cruised past - the boat is now running fine, a flock of double crested cormorants on the beach and most of them took off.
They need a running start to get airborne and they really churn the water.
If you look closely you can see a few that look like they are being run over.
It looked like a case of Jaws fear, everybody out of the water!

Phalacrocorax auritus

The double-crest of the Double-crested Cormorant is only visible on adults during breeding season. The crests are white in cormorants from Alaska, and black in other regions.

In breeding colonies where the nests are placed on the ground, young cormorants leave their nests and congregate into groups with other youngsters (creches). They return to their own nests to be fed.

The oldest known Double-crested Cormorant was more than 22 years old, banded in Ontario in 1984 and found in Louisiana in 2006.

source - Cornell Lab of Ornitholog

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