October 30, 2013

Does he remind you of Mr. Burns?

Personally, I don't watch the Simpsons, but my kids used to and I would catch little bits of the program.
This Royal tern reminds me of the character.

Scientific stuff -
Thalasseus maximus
A large, orange-billed tern, the Royal Tern is found only along ocean beaches.

The Royal Tern makes its nest scrape on the ground on low-lying islands. The pair defecates directly on the nest rim, perhaps to reinforce the nest against flooding. After a few weeks, the nest rim hardens.

Young Royal Terns leave the nest scrape within one day after hatching and congregate together in a group known as a crèche. Eventually all of the chicks in a colony come to the crèche, which can have thousands of chicks ranging in age from two to 35 days old.

A pair of Royal Terns will feed only their own chick, and manage to find it in the crowd, probably by recognizing its call.


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