August 23, 2013

Little brown snake.

Little brown snake. by ricmcarthur
Little brown snake., a photo by ricmcarthur on Flickr.
Yes another snake photo.
This time it is a little brown or Dekay’s snake, that was on the road. My wife picked it up and brought it to the visitors centre for identification.
Anne had thought it might be a hog nosed snake, which is endangered and rare in the park.
As it turned out it was the little brown. This is a fully grown adult.
The snake was returned to the location it was found at, but off the road.

Scientific stuff:

23-33 cm;
record 49.2 cm
light grey-brown to red-brown
two rows of spots along light coloured stripe on back
rows of spots may be joined by narrow lines
dark downward bar on side of head
juveniles have three yellowish spots on neck
belly cream or pinkish
scales keeled; anal scale divided
gives birth to live young
Not at risk
Storeria dekayi

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