August 22, 2013

Babies,babies and more babies.

Oh stop your ughs and yucks and eeeewwwws.
Snake babies are cute and at least to herpetologists, cuddly.
I'm not a herpetologist but I like them.
How many heads do you see?
If your a country dweller or live in a suburb with farm fields near by you have mice. Snakes eat mice.
So, do you want a snake outside the house or mice inside.
These are fox snakes from a recent hatch and are pencil sized.
A female was caught and pit tagged for research. While in captivity she laid her eggs and they were kept and incubated to give them a better chance at survival.
While out doing a turtle hatchling release the researchers let these delightful creatures go where the adult was captured.
I will be posting a few more photos of the release in the future.
Get over yourself they aren't yucky.
Scientific stuff:
Pantherophis gloydi
Yellow-brown with large brown or black blotches on back that alternate with smaller blotches along sides.
May have red-brown head
belly yellow with black checkerboard pattern.
Juvenile fox snakes are grey with reddish brown blotches edged in black and have a dark bar across their snout.
91-137 cm; record 179.1 cm (37 to75 inches)
Photographed at Rondeau Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

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