October 10, 2006

The Big Sit

The Big Sit in Whipple Ohio is closer to a Big Stand but either way it is an excellent way to spend 24 hours.

The Big Sit is basically an excuse for friends to gather and watch for birds, eat, watch for birds, drink, watch for birds, eat, tell VERY bad jokes, watch for birds. This is repeated hourly as needed.

Anne and I had the opportunity to stay with BT3 and JZ, the kids and of course Chet.

As Julie and Bill have always suspected Chet is the main attraction, the birds second, the kids third….well you get the idea.

Chet even helped scan the far ridge lines in search of birds our poor human eyes couldn’t pick out.

He worked hard and was exhausted the following morning.

Steve came up with the bird that surpassed last year’s number. How did he pick out 13 turkeys on a ridge line over a mile away?

Could it be they share part of a name with Turkey Vultures? And Stevve knows that

Turkey Vultures Rock

BOTB snaps a few photos for later examination of signs of # 64.

A great fall day, with good friends, old and new


Lynne said...

What a great day! It sounds like a blast!!

Rondeau Ric said...

It was, good friends, good food, almost enough birds.

BT3 said...

We would have tied last year's 62 without your interpretive bird-conjuring dance. Thanks!

Julie Zickefoose said...

You and Anne were hugely additive. Thanks so much for making the trip!

Anonymous said...

Oh Canada (you know the tune..)

What the song fails to mention is Anne of the bounteous food gifts, and....Nainamo bars! I was just wishing for one tonight.

Great Sit. I will send a few photos to you...


Marcy said...

What a pleasure to meet both of you at the Big Sit. I had lovely conversations with both of you and hope to see you both soon. For now.....we meet at BWIII and Julie's blog.