June 25, 2017

New and improved.

Needed a new a pump for the pond/stream which necessitated rearranging the rocks and bits and pieces.
At first I bought a 1500 gallon per hour pump. Quickly realized I wanted 1500 litre per hour pump.
The 1500 gph would have shot the water out of the pool and half way across the yard.
I don't think woodland birds like to surf.

Piranga olivacea
The female Scarlet Tanager sings a song similar to the male's, but softer, shorter, and less harsh. She sings in answer to the male's song and while she is gathering nesting material.
source - https://www.allaboutbirds.org/g…/Scarlet_Tanager/lifehistory

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Birds, Bugs, and Botany said...

Always remember to pay attention to the unit of measure!