November 25, 2014

Northern Shrike

We had a northern shrike come into the yard at least three times today.
The first indication was the mad scramble by small birds to get away.

He made what looked like half hearted attempts to catch one of the siskins that are mobbing our feeders.
At one point it called which sounds like rapid rasping "aak-aak"

Lanius excubitor

A predatory songbird, the Northern Shrike breeds in taiga and tundra and winters in southern Canada and the northern United States. It feeds on small birds, mammals, and insects, sometimes impaling them on spines or barbed wire fences.

Both male and female Northern Shrikes sing throughout year. The male sings especially in late winter and early spring.

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Allen Woodliffe said...

A great sighting, Ric. I haven't seen one for awhile. Is this a new yard bird for you?