June 24, 2014

This is the time of year we see adult birds feeding their young.

So far we have seen robins,grackles,downey woodpeckers, red-bellied woodpeckers and  these hairy woodpeckers feeding their young.
The young have nice new,crisp feathers and the adults are looking bedraggled.

Suet and grapes seem to be the favourites.

Picoides villosus

Hairy Woodpeckers sometimes follow Pileated Woodpeckers, and sometimes appears when it hears the heavy sounds of a pileated excavating. As the pileated moves on, the Hairy Woodpecker investigates the deep holes, taking insects the pileated missed.

The oldest known Hairy Woodpecker lived to be 15 years 11 months old

source - Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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