May 21, 2014

Black-throated blue warbler

One of my favourite warblers, the black throated blue is always identifiable by the little white spot, the handkerchief, on its side.

It is nice having a bird that is easy to identify.

This one was seen on Spicebush Trail in Rondeau.

Setophaga caerulescens

.A bird of the deep forest, the Black-throated Blue Warbler breeds in the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada. On migration to its Caribbean wintering grounds it can be seen in a variety of habitats, including parks and gardens.

The sexes of the Black-throated Blue Warbler look so different that they were originally described as two different species.

source - Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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Angie in T.O. said...

My favorite warbler, and I didn't see one this year. :( We spent a week in Cape May and I think we missed them while we were away.