January 12, 2014

Really? I thought squirrels were bad.

You can buy feeders that are supposed to be squirrel proof and even a few that are racoon resistant but I don't think there are any commercial deer baffles.
We looked out to see a white tailed deer eating out of the platform feeder. Shins on the baffle for balance and muzzle stuck into the feeder, the tongue flicking around like an anteater's.
I know there are deer flies, I have been bitten by them often enough, but I'm not aware of a deer bird.

The deer are welcome to clean up under the bird feeders but I think this is just being greedy.

You can see a standard sized baffle on the feeder in the foreground, actually there are two baffles as our squirrels are creative.
The baffle on the platform feeder is a custom made one that even keeps racoons at bay but evidently not deer.

Odocoileus virginianus

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