November 02, 2011

Still on the job

Still on the job by ricmcarthur
Still on the job, a photo by ricmcarthur on Flickr.

What has three legs, one eye and attitude?
This dog.
Still patroling his yard and challenging strangers.

I assume he was a rescue dog, he lives near Port Aranasas Texas.

Texas--- yah that explains a lot.


❦ fitcetera said...

You have to admire tenaciousness whether it's in a human or a dog.
It's always good to get a nudge to remind you that you haven't got it so bad, afterall and even if you did, life can still go on.

I noticed you've been at this blogging thing for a while, eh? 2005 is a long time ago in blog years. lol

Silently Sensual said...

Hey I live in Texas! To my credit though I am 1st generation American on my mothers side (Canadian all the way.)