March 01, 2010


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While in Toronto I went out with I.P.S. and
At Humber Park East we had bufflehead in close.
Once I got home I realized I could see this male under the water.
Snow, sleet, rain, repeat.
It still was a fun day.
Thanks to Ian, Anne and I got to see longeared owls. Life bird for both of us.
I'll post those later in the week.

The bufflehead
- is one of the scarcest ducks in North America
- has a courtship display that includes a "water-skiing" posture that displays the feet as well as the plumage
- stores up to 115 g of fat—more than a quarter of its body weight—as fuel for the migration flight
- is the only tree-nesting duck small enough to use the nest holes of Flickers

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