October 19, 2007

My wife, Anne had an email from a local birder that a north wheatear had been seen near the dock at Shrewsbury, Ontario. That is about 20 minutes from our place, just across Rondeau Bay.

She called me and arranged to meet me there after work.

I got to the dock around 4:30 pm and saw group of birders, the binoculars and spotting scopes were a give away, looking across the road.

When I got out and went over the bird was sitting on a concrete block, in the sun light, basically posing.

I watched it and took photos for about 20 minutes before it flew to a more inaccessible area.

The wheatear is a very rare bird in our area. It is occasionally seen on the Labrador coast and Baffin island.

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Blake A. Mann said...

Hard to believe this bird should be heading to Africa for the winter!