September 18, 2007

Into the wild blue yonder

Into the wild blue yonder
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We were at a hawk watch on the weekend and they were banding and releasing the birds.
The weather was delightfully rotten with strong north-west winds and a slight overcast.

The wind pushes the hawks against the north shore of Lake Erie and funnels them along the shore as the head for Detroit Michigan. They gather on the Canadian side, gather altitude and then “kettle” and stream across the Detroit River.

They released kestrels, sharpies, coopers, red tailed and a harrier.
This is the northern harrier some times called a marsh hawk.

Evidently some of you couldn't see the photo linked from flickr. so I'm adding it again. Ric


Lynne said...

What a gorgeous bird!

mon@rch said...

Hmm, Can't see the picture! Must be flickr is having problems!

Rondeau Ric said...

Thanks Lynne
Thanks for the heads up Tom.