July 04, 2007

Oriole and the hawk

Oriole and the hawk
Originally uploaded by ricmcarthur
This young Baltimore Oriole had just fledged and wasn't very good at flying or landing.

After bumbling around the yard he went to the "pond" and drank from the water fountain. He seemed to prefer it to the surface water.

A moment after I took this a coopers hawk swooped in and just missed the oriole. the oriole ran under the table Anne and I were sitting at and the hawk started to follow until it saw us.
The hawk left and eventually the oriole came out and disappeared into the hedge.


Lynne said...

It was a lucky day for the oriole tha you were there to save it's hinder!!

mon@rch said...

Lucky day for the Oriole for sure!

Rondeau Ric said...

And a bad day for the hawk.